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Networks: LAN · WAN · VPN

Envision + Define: allowsus to define a specific strategy around your requirements. This process in concert with client input, considers areas such as Organizational Information System goals, global locations, capital and operational costs, and available internal assets. This, base once agreed upon, (be it LAN/WAN/VPN or combination) forms the basis for the overall IS design.

Design+ Assess + Build: encompasses the needs and requirements of the organization and all its constituents. These are quantified to ensure the system is built on a sound infrastructure foundation “good bones”, while allowing for flexibility in the future. Security models with a view to cost optimization are run through to protect the assets being deployed.

Deployment + Collaboration: deliveryof the system architecture, on time and on budget is where our integration expertise and experience come into play. Having deployed LAN/WAN/VPN solutions throughout North America, our team provides detailed and specific materials to ensure continuity of operations is always the end goal. With this continuity comes collaboration, reliability and uptime, in order to ensure this, knowledge transfer is a constant so that your internal resources are always engaged.

Maintenance is an ongoing effort and in this regard we at Monsoon work to ensure that your information systems are always well tuned. With the increasing complexity and high demand for information users need unfettered access to their system, and rightfully so. The fulfilment of this expectation is our guide in maintenance plans ensuring an “always on network”, we call it “Network Tone”.

Monitoring of the IT infrastructure is now a 24 hour task. With security threats bombarding Web gateways, internal threats and rogue attacks common place, security of information assets and resources is job one. Our remote and local sensors along with intrusion detection and prevention mechanisms help secure and safeguard client information system.

managed IT247

Monsoon Network’s answer to the need for 24/7 automated monitoring and maintenance of servers and workstations. managedIT247 takes away the tedium of IT management by ensuring the OS is updated, backups run successfully, Anti Virus, Anti Spam and Malware is always up to date. This is all carried out by intelligent agents remotely and reported on, monthly. All, for an affordable monthly fee.

With our managed IT247 service the benefits flow to the bottom-line. You no longer need to;

    • Manually update workstations by walking around.
    • Worry about virus, malware and spyware updates
    • Cleanup workstation temp files for OS optimization
    • Sweat new workstation deployments.

Simply set it and forget it with Monsoon’s managedIT247……

Tracktive - Real-Time Project & Knowledge Management, Tracking & Billing (PSA)

Meet Tracktive it holds your projects notes, contacts, web clips, documents,sketches, expenses, disbursements, images, to-to lists, Oh Ues, and your Time, linked together in ONE place accessible from anywhere. It helps you manage due dates and projects so that you can gather all your information fro whatever you're working on with just a click .... even with out tags or keywords..it just does.

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