Monsoon combines state of the art technology with over 30 years of experience to deliver smarter solutions, faster. Whether it is a manufacturing company looking to implement a new ERP, an older organization looking to modernize their infrastructure, or a new company wondering where to start, you want the best and we deliver that through top-tier solutions and products.



The ccRDR® is a touchless, wireless secure health card reader to optimize the patient intake process at healthcare offices during COVID and beyond. This new device ensures the safety of staff and patients, improves their experience, and reduces the risk of virus transmission by removing the need to touch Care Cards.



Your business can’t stop even when catastrophe strikes. With our chain-free, image-based backup, you can ensure that your organization’s integral systems will continue to run, and your company will have 24/7 access to data without disruption.



monsoonSYNC cloud allows you to access secure shared data on your server(s) from any device, from anywhere. By saving your files and folders via the monsoonSYNC cloud, your data is automatically saved to your server(s) via the patented Server SYNC enablement. This is the ideal solution for on the go teams or teams in disparate locations to work together as seamlessly as they would in office, out of the office.



Tracktive, the SINGLE source of truth, for Time tracking, real-time project management and collaboration that holds your notes, documents, web clips, sketches, expenses, disbursements, images, and to do lists. All in ONE place, accessible from anywhere. Business owner and mangers are provided a clear view with actionable insights. Track and manage everything in ONE place.



TurboMeeting is an advanced, secure video conferencing solution that is designed with businesses in mind. With its on-premise, end-to-end secure and encrypted (irreversible) video conferencing and web meeting capabilities, it is what every remote team needs. To make things even better, your team online requires one license for the entire staff to use and it can function from any device at any location.

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